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Standard Features:

  • Front Picture Window
  • Front Vista Glass (Not a Skylight)
  • F2 Mitered Half Slider Screened Side Window
  • Heavy Duty Rear Door with Center T-Handle Lock
  • Mid-Rise Height for Additional Headroom and Cargo Capacity


  • Front Sliding Window
  • Tilt-Down Front Picture or Sliding Window
  • Compression Boot
  • Bulb Boot
  • No Front Window
  • Pet Screens
  • Glass Windoor
  • Aluminum Paneled Windoor
  • Outdoorsman Vented Windoor
  • Dual T-Handles
  • Aluminum Paneled Single or Double T-Handle Rear Door
  • Full Fiberglass Walk-In Door (With or Without Headliner)
  • Interior Headliner
  • Battery Powered Interior Light (With or Without Prop Switch)
  • 12V Interior Light (With or Without Prop Switch)
  • Center Rope Light (With or Without Prop Switch)
  • Dual Rope Lights (With or Without Prop Switch)
  • Interior Clothes Rod
  • Fishing Rod Holders
  • 12V Power Strip
  • Roof Rack

*Please call for pricing.