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Standard Features:

  • Front Picture Window
  • Interior Battery Dome Light
  • LED Third Brake Light
  • All Glass Tailgate with Curved Glass
  • Key Operated Lock
  • Flush-Mounted All Glass Side Windows
  • Pop-Out Rear Side Windows
  • Built-In 2 Inch Diameter Tubular Roof Rack
  • Snugrug Interior Headliner
  • Tinted Glass
  • Double Bulb Seal


  • Key Operated Lock with Codeable Lock Cylinder
  • Key Operated Lock with Remote Control
  • Key Operated Lock with Codeable Lock Cylinder & Remote Control
  • Pro-Lock
  • Pro-Lock with Remote (Controlled with Vehicle Electric Door Locks)
  • Front Sliding Window
  • Fold Down Front Picture or Sliding Window
  • Fold Up Front Window with Gas Props
  • Front Boot

*Please call for pricing.